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While you may have thought that our office only deals with hearing loss, think again. We can help with other auditory disorders as well. Tinnitus is ringing, buzzing, or roaring in the ears. While it is usually not dangerous and a specific cause is not known, it can be an indication that other problems exist, and it can also be extremely distracting and bothersome.
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If you are experiencing ringing in the ears and either you don’t know what to do about it or you’re worried, make an appointment today. We have been working with loyal patients for over 30 years helping to fix all kinds of hearing issues and our comprehensive process ensures that you are in good hands.
I found this organization to be the most professional of all and they provided the best product in their new Oticon Delta device. I have been impressed with Jack and Maura and the quality operation they run. I won’t hesitate to recommend them to my friends if the need arises for their service.
Stan S.

Twice lately I have been at a long table with probably eight on each side. I could enjoy and participate in the conversation on both sides down….I can hear the TV without closed captioning at the normal hearing volume…I cannot believe how lucky I am to have found you and these hearing aids. It is just an incredible dimension that they have added to my life.
A. Kelley

What is Tinnitus?

It is unknown what the singular cause of tinnitus is, and it varies in every case.
There are two types of tinnitus. The first type of tinnitus is subjective tinnitus. This type of ringing in your ears can only be heard by you, and not by anyone else. Subjective tinnitus is usually caused by inner ear problems, auditory nerve problems, or auditory pathway problems. Auditory pathways send nerve signals to your brain where sound is actually perceived. We hear with our brains, not with our ears. One theory of tinnitus is that it may be generated by the brain not receiving signals from the damaged nerves in the ear, so it decides to create them itself.
The second type of tinnitus is objective tinnitus. This type of tinnitus is ringing in the ears that your doctor may be able to hear as well, and is usually caused by firing of the blood vessels, or muscle contractions. Objective tinnitus is rare.
Some other causes may include inner ear hair cell damage, age-related hearing loss or long-term exposure to loud sounds.

Mental Health Effects of Tinnitus

While tinnitus typically is not threatening to your physical health, it can be mentally exhausting. Many of our patients come to us for peace-of-mind. It is a welcome relief even if we only help to reduce tinnitus partially, though we are often able to help patients get a significant reduction in their tinnitus. The longer tinnitus continues, the more depressing and anxiety provoking it becomes. Quality of life is much lower among people with tinnitus. It can also be very alarming for people who get it suddenly.

Many of our patients come to us for peace-of-mind. The longer tinnitus continues, the more depressing and anxiety provoking it becomes.

For most, it is a life-changing event to get some relief to the ringing in their ears. If you are experiencing symptoms of ringing, roaring, or incessant noise in your ears, do not hesitate to come to talk to us.

Mitigating Tinnitus

If you come in with symptoms of tinnitus, we will start with a full hearing evaluation and assessment of the frequency and intensity of the noise that you are hearing. We will also assess what levels of extraneous noise can suppress it. We do this evaluation by putting you through listening comparison tasks. We will give you headphones that emit different noises and frequencies to try and match what you are hearing, what it sounds like and at what volume level. We will then prescribe hearing aids with tinnitus-masking options that have the capability to produce masking stimuli to aid in the suppression of tinnitus.

3-Step Process for Fixing Ringing in the Ears

We have a unique three-step plan to put you on the path to eliminating the ringing in the ears.

Step 1

Schedule an appointment today. Our friendly office staff is always here to help find a time that works for you.

Step 2

Come and go through the simple evaluation outlined above so that we can better understand exactly what you are hearing, at what frequency, and at what intensity. We have designed the evaluation process to be as simple and efficient as possible so that we can help you find relief from your tinnitus.

Step 3

Get a comprehensive, customized plan to improve your hearing and tinnitus management. Our audiological staff has the expertise to tailor a plan to fit your needs.

Quality Service for Our Tinnitus Patients

To ensure we give our patients the highest-quality experience in the area, we make sure we give our patients three things, every time:
  • Lifetime free service after your purchase. We will program, clean, service, and adjust your hearing devices as long as you own them.
  • Two- or three-year warranties for your hearing devices that include repairs, loss, and damage.
  • A focus on the patient. We don’t make a commission on our sales or try to do unnecessary upselling. Our staff will work with you, assuring you understand all aspects of your decision to improve your hearing, explaining the technology and costs involved in the process.
“Extraordinary care, personal service, Jack even came to the home to assist, stayed late and answered every question. I can’t say enough good things about him.”
Helen S.

Your Unique Device

Most hearing devices are digital, which allows the device to be programmed specifically for your needs. Digital hearing aids even have extensive automatic volume capability to adapt to your listening environments.
We work with manufacturers that offer a variety of shapes, sizes, and models so that you can choose a style that is most appropriate and comfortable for your lifestyle. There are two primary hearing aid styles: over the ear and in the ear. There are particular reasons to select one over the other based on the details of your hearing loss. Each of these two primary styles come in various sizes and levels of technology. We will explain the appropriate benefits of each model and together we will select what is best for you.
tinnitus relief Southwest Florida
I am pleased to report great success with the Oticon Delta hearing aids that you recently fitted me with. They are the only hearing devices that I have ever felt comfortable wearing and you have adjusted them to my complete satisfaction. Audiology Consultants has lived up to their warranty and I would not hesitate to recommend these instruments to anyone with partial hearing loss.
William S. Dunn.