The reviews below reflect some of the people who have chosen to share the positive impact and many times life-changing experience that better hearing has brought to their lives.
Audiology Consultants of SW FL is rated 4.9 out of 5 based on approximately 120 reviews from around the Web.
He's a great example of a business owner/professional that truly cares about his patients and their experience with his company. First class!
George Hutchinson
“Friendly, professional, dedicated service. ”
John I. of Fort Myers, FL
Have been going to Jack Adams for perhaps five years. Always very professional and competent. He has never demonstrated high pressure or pushy salesmanship....
Ed Elrod
“Mister Adams is caring and patient to listen and point out ways to help that made sense. ”
Catherine L. of Fort Myers, FL
“Jack Adams was so wonderful in helping me adjust to my hearing aids. ”
Camille H. of Fort Myers, FL
“Everything at the office goes well. Jack is very good and helpful.”
Phyllis A. of Fort Myers, FL
“They offer prompt service and great performance. ”
Orlando S. of Fort Myers, FL
“I was very impressed with Jack Adams, he made a person feel very at ease and comfortable during the appointment with him. A great doctor!”
Laura S. of Sanibel, FL
“I appreciated their willingness to see me when I thought I had big problems and they solved them in two seconds. P.S. ”
Larry G. of North Fort Myers, FL
“I liked the way I was treated by both Jack Adams and his assistant. He is very competent, friendly and helpful. ”
Stanley M. of Fort Myers, FL
“Jack has always been very responsive to my questions and providing information on improving my hearing. ”
Michael D. of Naples, FL
“I'm very satisfied with Mr. Adam's service. His knowledge and professionalism are highly commendable!”
Cesar H. of Fort Myers, FL
“I liked their personal service, the availability to have appt. at Shell Point and the quality of the products. ”
Barbara C. of Fort Myers, FL
“Jack Adams was wonderful with my father and answered all my questions. He was very patient and kind. ”
Diane D. of Fort Myers, FL
“They were professional and understood what I needed and were very responsive. ”
Jim B. of Fort Myers, FL
“He took his time, and he explained things well.”
Catherine W. of Meriden, CT
Very profesional. ”
Howard M. of Fort Myers, FL
“He seemed to know what he's doing.”
Richard C. of Sanibel, FL
“I like how thorough the examination was and how the audiologist explained every detail of my new hearing aid.
Dennis D. of Wanaque, NJ
“Vary friendly office. Caring staff. ”
Paul A. of Fort Myers, FL
“I like their personal attention to our personal needs. ”
Barbara S. of Fort Myers, FL
“I liked their professionalism, confidence and how they were thorough. ”
Robert B. of Sanibel, FL
“The attention & true-caring nature of Dr. Jack Adams made the process enjoyable! He is very knowledgeable & patient. Super guy. ”
Jim S. of Fort Myers, FL
“I like the accomadating service. ”
Billie A. of Fort Myers, FL
“He's a gentleman; scholar; understanding; helpful; willing to help the patient. ”
Theodore R. of Fort Myers, FL
“Extraordinary care, personal service, Jack even came to the home to assist, stayed late and answered every question.
Helen S. of Fort Myers, FL
“I like their all around professionalism.”
J C. of Cape Coral, FL
“After I was told by and other office that my hearing "could not be improved," Jack Adams said "Let's try!" and he helped me! Yeah!”
June L. of Fort Myers, FL
I'm a happy camper!”
Jane H. of Fort Myers, FL
“I know he's very good. He's very thorough and knowledgeable. I think he does a great job and I'd recommend him to others! ”
Elizabeth H. of Fort Myers, FL
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“I am so much more relaxed because I can hear”

“The hearing aids are amazing! I can hear without having to say ‘what’. Only on very rare occasions can I not hear someone. You made the entire experience easy and enjoyable. That was delightful! I am so much more relaxed because I can hear. I had no idea to what degree it was making me anxious because I could not hear. It wasn’t just when instances would arise when I knew I wouldn’t be able to hear something but all the time. It is great to be able to hear again! The batteries went out and I couldn’t get home fast enough to change the, because I like them so much. I am going to put a sign on the shower so I don’t go into it with them on. They feel so natural. It is like I always had them.

Almost no one has noticed them. I really wished I had gotten them earlier. I feel more confident with them on, especially in business meetings. My wife is happier too. Family events are more enjoyable because I can participate easily and more fully. I thought I would just be able to hear well. I had no idea it would improve my entire life. Thank you!

J. Cave

“I had forgotten how much I was not hearing until, within seconds, I was hearing everything again!”

I wanted to let you know how pleased I am with my Oticon hearing aid. I had forgotten how much I was not hearing until, within seconds, I was hearing everything again! I really don’t even know that it’s in my ear. It’s made a great difference in my ability to communicate with people, and I feel confident in how I respond!

L. Simon

“I suddenly realized that I felt truly normal as in the old days before losing my hearing.”

I was in a committee meeting, 12 people in a circle. Suddenly realized I could hear every voice. I have Oticon Epoq Hearing aids. I suddenly realized that I felt truly normal as in the old days before losing my hearing. Quite a miracle. Not straining – not asking over. Hearing everything! Just wanted to tell you how much you are appreciated!

A. Kelly

It brings me great joy to be on the receiving end of such “quality care”.

Thank you so much for your kindness, patience and clinical expertise. Dad was very calm and secure in your presence. As you know, the frustration that is felt by the patient, utmost, as well as their family is difficult at best.

The desperation that he experienced by the extreme hearing loss and inadequate product was exasperating for him. The fact that there was something available to him to even make his day to day existence more enjoyable has been profound.

His youngest grandson (age 6) asked mom “what did they do to Grandpa while he was in Florida because he can hear me?” Dad has been thrilled and has enjoyed hearing long lost sounds and conversations. He has enjoyed hearing things that he “shouldn’t hear” as he says.

It brings me great joy to be on the receiving end of such “quality care”.
C. Auskamp

“Even in a crowded room I can still hear the people around me.”

I just purchased the Oticon Dual device and am extremely pleased. I have had an Oticon hearing aid in the past, but it was an in-the-ear. This Dual is so great, I hear better, there is little background noise; even in a crowded room I can still hear the people around me. It is so comfortable that when I go to bed I almost forget to take it out. I couldn’t be more pleased.

My Audiologist was terrific. She made the whole experience so pleasant.

A. Meyer

“They fit so good I don’t even remember that I have them on.”

I have had hearing aids for 6 years, but what a big difference with the new Oticon Dual.

No feedback from telephones, earphones or other devices like that. Eat out and actually hear the person across the table and not just all the other noise. In the car you can hear your wife talking or the radio an not just the road noise.

Also, they fit so good I don’t even remember that I have them on. You don’t know what you are missing until you have tried them!

L. Bal

“Thanks to Jack Adams who has had the patience of a saint with me”

I just wanted to tell you how pleased I am with my new Oticon Delta device. The four biggest reasons are: 1. I have much better discrimination of voice with the Delta. 2. No feedback. 3. It is compatible with the telephone. I used to have to take my old “in the ear” aid out in order to avoid feedback. I can’t tell you how many times I couldn’t find the aid when I finished with the call, what a pleasure just to be able to answer the phone with the aid still in place! 4. The aid fits so comfortable with no feedback I forget I have it in.

A special thanks to Jack Adams who has had the patience of a saint with me and took the time to answering all my questions so I could get a perfect fit!

Thanks for the patience and good care you have given me in the last 5 years.
Bonnie W.

“I cannot believe how lucky I am to have found you and these hearing aids.”

“I still continue to be surprised at the amazing capabilities of these [Epoq] hearing aids. Twice lately I have been at a long table with probably eight on each side. I could enjoy and participate in the conversation on both sides down….I can hear the TV without closed captioning at the normal hearing volume…I cannot believe how lucky I am to have found you and these hearing aids. It is just an incredible dimension that they have added to my life.”

A. Kelley

“They are the only hearing devices that I have ever felt comfortable wearing”

I am pleased to report great success with the Oticon Delta hearing aids that you recently fitted me with. They are the only hearing devices that I have ever felt comfortable wearing and you have adjusted them to my complete satisfaction. Audiology Consultants has lived up to their warranty and I would not hesitate to recommend these instruments to anyone with partial hearing loss.

William D.


Jack has me back to enjoying conversations in all types of noise environments.

What took me so long? I was just not sure I was “ready” for hearing aids – I was only 60 years old! The mounting frustration of not hearing all the conversations during client meetings, not getting all the latest at gatherings with friends and having to ask my wife to repeat the simplest of day-to-day conversations became too overwhelming. I was “working” too hard at listening. Once I decided to investigate hearing aids, two fantastic things happened to me: 1) I was referred to Audiology Consultants. The interaction with Jack Adams could not have been more pleasant and supportive. 2) Oticon Delta, behind the ear hearing aids, had just hit the US market. The Oticon Delta system was designed with me in mind! Jack has me back to enjoying conversations in all types of noise environments. I would encourage anyone who is experiencing the same frustrations as I was…do not wait! Set an appointment with Audiology Consultants right now!
Richard B.

“It’s absolutely amazing how much conversation I missed prior…”

It’s absolutely amazing how much conversation I missed prior to purchasing the Oticon Delta device. I was unaware of what I was missing due to my hearing loss. I can now hear as well as understand what is being said in a group situation.

Tom K.

“Comfortable in every way”

So far I’ve been pleased with my Oticon Delta. I’ve had it for a couple of months. Comfortable in every way. Would recommend it to any one to have.

P. Boller

“I enjoy fully participating in conversational gatherings.”

You have heard me say several times how much I like my Oticon hearing aids. Let me comment on two of the many changes they have made for me and my family… …My hearing aids are in my ears, not in the drawer. My earlier hearing aids never performed as well as the Oticon aids… Now I can hear. Wearing the hearing aids is now part of morning dressing. (Prior to getting the new hearing aids) I could not hear well (and) I would sometimes make comments out of context with others conversations. That is no longer a problem. I enjoy fully participating in conversational gatherings.

Thank you for the professional assessment of my hearing problem and the very careful fitting and programming of my Oticon hearing aids. I like my hearing aids! I can hear!
Jack M.

“I won’t hesitate to recommend them to my friends”

Whenever I need to make an important decision, I try to take the time to evaluate my options. Most certainly the selection of the most appropriate hearing aid warrants such consideration. After checking with other consultants and products, I had the good fortune to respond to an ad placed by Audiology Consultants in our local newspaper. I found this organization to be the most professional of all and they provided the best product in their new Oticon Delta device. I have been impressed with Jack and Maura and the quality operation they run. I won’t hesitate to recommend them to my friends if the need arises for their service.

Stan S.

“I have recommended them to several people already”

I knew my hearing had gotten bad again but didn’t realize how much until the current test graphs were shown to me. Now I hear the ticking of a clock that I had never heard before. The Deltas are so comfortable that I forget they are there. It is a nice fringe benefit that no one can see them unless I want them to. I have recommended them to several people already. They are wonderful!!

Maura, thank you for your patience and training. I will make an appointment for the end of June, before my cruise.

Dona C.

“I have experienced better communication…”

I am happy to share my reactions regarding the purchase and use of Syncro hearing aids. Included in positive outcomes are: Increased technology proficiency. A. Easy selection of functional in-puts to select appropriate mode for maximizing audio. B. Use of computer by audiologist to add and delete a range of choices according to individual needs.

A realization that there is no “miracle cure” resulting in a return to completely normal hearing makes one even more appreciative of any increases in competency of hearing. However, I have experienced better communication in individual and group areas, as well as appreciation of inputs in all areas of listening in leisure time.

The end result is a better life style.”

Dr. William N. Goodwin, Ph.D.

I would like to tell you how happy I am with my hearing aid.

As a child I knew that I had trouble hearing and was advised that nothing could be done for me due to scarring on the middle ear. Two years ago, after my hearing was checked and much to my amazement you stated that a special hearing aid “ReSound Air” could restore my hearing!

Now I don’t have to strain when listening to people speak. I can hear birds, footsteps, automobiles, and so much more.

Thank you again. I deeply appreciate your help.

Joyce M.

“I will continue to recommend your services…”

I would like to add my testimonial to the continuous high level of complete satisfaction you have provided us for our hearing problems over the last 17 years. My wife has been a patient of yours for all those years, while I am a newcomer in the last year or so. I felt very confident in choosing you for my hearing needs also. We will continue to place our trust and confidence in your abilities and experience. I will continue to recommend your services to those in need for hearing services.


Arnold A.

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