In the near future most all hearing aids will be a digital technology. Digital technology allows the hearing aid to make decisions based on the incoming signal. Digital circuitry is an active circuit that is making multiple assessments of the listener's environment and determining how various sounds should be amplified based on the input to the hearing aid. Digital hearing aids have a wide range of flexibility in the programming capability, allowing extremely specific adjustment for each individual's hearing loss. A digital signal is a clearer signal that is free from distortion. Volume controls are not necessary in digital products due to the fact that the automatic volume ability is extremely effective. Digital hearing aids allow for different programs to be installed into the instrument as well as the utilization of dual and directional microphones and automatic feedback cancellation.

Note: The first digital hearing aid was produced by Oticon in 1996


In these instruments the circuitry is housed in a case that fits behind the ear. An earmold and tubing direct the sound to the ear canal. BTE hearing aids can provide more amplification than smaller devices due to the stronger amplifiers and larger battery.


The smallest type of hearing aid available. The instruments are restricted to people with ear canals large enough to accommodate the insertion depth of the instrument into the ear. This style uses a very small battery that requires good manual dexterity. This style is not suitable for people with severe hearing losses.

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Slightly bigger than the CIC, fits into the canal and uses a slightly larger battery. This style is appropriate for mild to moderate hearing losses.


These instruments can be used for a wider range of hearing losses and can accommodate features such as a telephone coil and directional microphones. These larger aids are easier to handle for people with poor dexterity.

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With Acto, you get the features you need for clear and comfortable sound in our full range of styles and colors. Acto’s premium set of Oticon technologies includes the ability of both hearing instruments to communicate wirelessly with each other to reduce unwanted noise and maintain speech volume. With both ears in sync, you get a more comfortable and more understandable listening experience. The sound you need; the comfort you want:

 Acto brings it all together.

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It took Oticon to deliver a clear, comfortable hearing experience in a more affordable design that features automatic operation and a full range of styles and colors. Oticon Ino instruments provide the extra amplification you need while minimizing distracting background sounds, helping you focus on speech, and cutting down on feedback. With Ino, it doesn’t have to cost more to get more out of life.

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Intiga was created with the idea that style matters — a lot — especially in something as essential to the quality of your life as your hearing. Intiga is the world’s smallest, fully wireless hearing device. Its receiver-in-the-ear design is better looking, and is available in more colors than anything else on the market. Yet for all its good looks outside, there’s no compromise in Intiga’s high-performance technology inside. So you’re able to reconnect with your family, your friends and your world with confidence. And style.