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If you or a loved one have hearing loss, whether it’s mild, moderate, or severe, you need to know what hearing aid options are out there. Your audiologist or hearing professional will be able to help you find the best solution, so you can get back the things that hearing loss has taken from you. So you can hear again, and hear clearly. So you can get your day back, and not spend so much time just trying to hear and understand your friends and loved ones.

When it’s time for hearing aids, you want the best, including the ability to understand speech like your ears were working perfectly, and syncing with your devices so you can customize your settings quickly and easily. And no whistling – everyone hates that annoying whistle. And how about a rechargeable battery?

Oticon hearing aids are designed to meet a wide variety of hearing loss needs, whether you’re just having trouble picking a conversation out of a loud group, or if your family keeps telling you to turn down the television, or if you just can’t understand anything anyone says to you unless it’s said loudly and slowly. Oticon’s line of products reflects the company’s deep understanding of the science of hearing loss and how technology can help you restore real, clear hearing to your life again.

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At Audiology Consultants of Southwest Florida, we’re your source for Oticon products in the Fort Myers area. Read on below to find out what Oticon can do for you, consult your audiologist and get their advice, and then come see our specialists to discuss your specific needs. We look forward to serving you!


A Century of Leadership

Oticon’s story starts way back in 1904, when the founder, Hans Demant, developed one of the first ever electronic hearing aids to help his wife, who was suffering from hearing loss. From those humble beginnings, Oticon has spent the decades developing new and innovative technologies that help people lead better lives through improved hearing. Today’s line of products reflects the company’s continued commitment to a vision of a world where constant improvement and cutting-edge research in hearing aid technology immeasurably improves quality of life for anyone suffering from hearing loss.


When your hearing is healthy, your brain receives enough information from your ears that it can process the sound into understandable speech. However, if your hearing is damaged, your brain might not be able to properly process what it receives from your ears, leading to frustration and an inability to understand what people are saying to you.

Oticon has developed a technology it calls BrainHearing™, which the company incorporates into its line of hearing aids. If you find yourself frustrated when people you’re speaking to seem to mumble, or you miss something someone said on the television, and you’re avoiding social interaction because you’re just too frustrated by your inability to understand what your friends are saying, then it’s highly probable that your brain just needs to receive more and clearer sound from your ears to properly process that sound into clearly understandable speech.

Hear the sound wave

How BrainHearing™ Works

Your brain’s hearing center has two parts: the orient subsystem and the focus subsystem. The orient subsystem is like your own personal radar: it scans the world around you and uses that information to create a full picture of the sounds in your vicinity. The focus subsystem is how your brain determines what you should pay attention to, and which sounds you should filter out. If your hearing is damaged, the brain might not be getting enough sound to properly use these two subsystems, leading to confusion and an inability to figure out what sounds should occupy your attention and interest. And with that confusion comes other problems – since your brain is spending more time and effort than it should be trying to compensate for the missing information from your ears, it has fewer resources available for crucial tasks like memory and interpretation.

With BrainHearing™, Oticon’s hearing aids help your brain by filling in the gaps in the information received from your ears. By ensuring that your brain has full access to all of the sounds around you, and that it can interpret those sounds to help you understand and focus on what’s important, Oticon’s BrainHearing™ hearing aids help keep your mind sharp and healthy.

Oticon’s Product Line

Oticon’s line of hearing aids are designed to meet a wide variety of hearing loss needs. Whether your hearing loss is mild – you have trouble understanding people in large groups, or when other sounds interfere – or you have serious problems understanding even basic speech one on one, Oticon has a hearing aid that can help you.

Oticon More™

The Oticon More™ miniRITE R is an innovative rechargeable hearing aid that sits discreetly behind the ear and features cutting edge technology, including a Deep Neural Network (DNN) that helps give your brain the data it needs to interpret the sounds your ears take in. This hearing aid features a double push button design to control volume and program options, and it comes with Bluetooth® Low Energy technology that makes it easy for you to connect to your smart devices. Finally, it features a telecoil that integrates with public hearing loop systems.

Oticon Siya

Oticon Siya is an innovative solution that contains a powerful chip that allows it to process sound up to fifty times faster than Oticon’s prior generation of hearing aids. This chip is a powerful tool that enables the hearing aid to provide excellent sound quality and improve your understanding of speech. Coupled with a noise-management system, the Siya is a great choice to assist in improving clarity, so you can get on with what’s important.

Oticon Xceed

If your hearing loss is severe, you’ll want to consider the Oticon Xceed. Offered in two models, the SP (super power) and the UP (ultra power), the Xceed is designed to tackle the most profound hearing loss challenges. The Xceed features a new and innovative modern design aesthetic with push button controls and IP68 certification for dust and water resistance. Both models of Xceed are Made for iPhone®, allowing you to integrate your hearing aid with your smart devices for ease of use and customization.

Oticon Opn™

Oticon’s Opn™ line of hearing aids is similar to its OpnS™ family of products, with discreet, behind the ear design, Made for iPhone® technology, and simple push-button controls. Like the Opn S™ line, the Opn™ comes in miniRITE, miniRITE T, and BTE PP options.

The Opn™ line also offers even more discreet options. The Invisible-In-the-Canal (IIC) hearing aid is a tiny shell that sits directly in the ear canal. The Completely-In-the-Canal (CIC) style is even more discreet, sitting completely in the ear canal and offering colors that can match your skin to hide the hearing aid completely. The In-The-Canal (ITC) option is a small, attractive model that fits discreetly in the ear canal and offers a flexible choice of controls. The Half Shell (ITE HS) and Full Shell (ITE FS) both sit in the external ear for ease of insertion and adjustment. These are great for customers who might have difficulty with dexterity.

Oticon Opn S™

Oticon’s Opn S™ product line is all about connectivity: technological connectivity – through innovative features that integrate with your smart devices – and social connectivity – because better hearing means better connections with your friends and loved ones. And with four different models of Opn S™ hearing aids to choose from, and a variety of styles and colors available, you and your audiologist should be able to tailor a solution that will fit your needs perfectly.

All Opn S™ models are Made for iPhone®, allowing for easy control of listening and volume options. The Opn S™ miniRITE is Oticon’s smallest behind-the-ear hearing aid, with a tiny speaker attached to a nearly invisible wire that fits easily and comfortably in your ear. The miniRITE also features an easy-to-use push button control. The miniRITE T features a telecoil that helps you hear better in crowded spaces like movie theaters that have a looping system installed. The miniRITE R is a rechargeable solution, eliminating the annoyance and cost of having to replace batteries. Finally, the BTE PP is a robust design for severe to profound hearing loss, and features both a telecoil and an LED indicator that helps caregivers monitor the hearing aid’s status.

How to Decide?

As you can see, Oticon offers a wide variety of styles and options to tackle every kind of hearing loss, from mild difficulty understanding speech in a crowd to deeper and more profound hearing loss challenges. You and your audiologist should look through Oticon’s complete product line to find exactly the hearing aid you or your family member needs to optimize your ability to hear and understand the world.

Oticon’s innovative technology, such as BrainHearing™, leads the industry in creating custom solutions that leverage a deep understanding of the science of hearing loss to help the world hear better and clearer than ever before. With Oticon’s comprehensive line of hearing aids, we’re confident you’ll find exactly the product you need to get back to the important things in life, without spending time and energy just trying to hear and understand the language around you. Come see us at Audiology Consultants of Southwest Florida, your Oticon dealer in the Fort Myers area, and our specialists will be happy to help you find exactly the hearing aid solution you need.