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A Hearing Test Can Change Your Life

At Audiology Consultants of Southwest Florida, we offer our clients a thorough hearing test as part of our three-step process to restore their hearing. We take time to look over medical histories, perform otoscopy, and test your hearing in a variety of ways. We have a friendly staff providing expert care, and our audiologist, Jack Adams, has been serving Southwest Florida for over 30 years. During that time we have developed a simple, yet effective, hearing test process that gives us the information we need to assist you in improving your hearing.
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Dr. Adams and his assistant Molly are very caring and have patience to explain the hearing aid functions to me as a first time user and elderly person.
Delbert N.

The best audiologist, Dr. Adams, I ever had in all my time wearing hearing aids.
Anna Marie T.

Our Simple Three-Step Process

People who seek help with their hearing earlier have a much easier path to recovery. We have a simple three-step process to help you, or a loved one, improve your hearing as quickly as possible:

Step 1


It all starts with scheduling an appointment. Contact our office and speak to our friendly staff about coming in to see our audiologist. We are flexible and accommodating.

Step 2


Next, you will see our expert audiologist and go through our thorough series of hearing exams and evaluations. These hearing tests are detailed below and will determine the type and degree of hearing loss present.

Step 3

Personal Plan for Better Hearing

Finally, our experts will give you a comprehensive and personalized plan to improve your hearing. And don’t forget, if a hearing device is recommended as a part of your plan, we will clean, program, and provide in-office repairs free of charge for the entire life of the product.
“I had forgotten how much I was not hearing until, within seconds, I was hearing everything again! I really don’t even know that it’s in my ear. It’s made a great difference in my ability to communicate with people, and I feel confident in how I respond!”
L. Simon

How We Begin Your Hearing Tests

Your hearing test begins with a thorough evaluation of your medical history. Our staff needs to be aware of any possible past diagnoses that could be contributing to your hearing loss. Many sorts of medical factors can contribute to the loss of hearing, and collecting this information before we begin is vital to our process.

The next part of our hearing evaluation is otoscopy. Otoscopy is a visual examination of the ears and ear canals. Determining the cause of hearing loss and the degree to which it is impaired means our staff cannot leave any stone unturned. Otoscopy rules out any blockages or growths as factors in your hearing impairment.

The Pure Tone Audiogram

The foundation of any hearing test is a pure tone audiogram. This is the traditional hearing test that most people are familiar with. After we get an overview of your medical history and perform otoscopy, you will enter a soundproof booth and put on a pair of headphones. During the pure tone portion of the hearing evaluation, steady tones at different frequencies will be presented through the headphones.
hearing test in Southwest Florida
The goal of this portion of the hearing test is to establish the exact degree of hearing loss (in decibels) that our clients have and determine what they are able to perceive at each frequency in the range of speech perception. By understanding a client’s hearing loss, we are better able to assist you in choosing a rehabilitation plan specific to your needs.
“Twice lately I have been at a long table with probably eight people on each side. I could enjoy and participate in the conversation on each side. I can hear the T.V. without closed captioning at the normal hearing volume. I cannot believe how lucky I am to have found you and these hearing aids. It is just an incredible dimension that they have added to my life.”
A. Kelly

Testing Your Hearing with Speech

People do not go through hearing tests so they can better understand beeps and tones. The goal is to be able to interact with the world and those friends and family with whom we want to communicate. With that in mind, our hearing test does not only evaluate using the traditional pure-tone audiometer. In our soundproof booth, clients will also listen to speech in various circumstances.
Our hearing test does not only evaluate using the traditional pure-tone audiometer. In our soundproof booth, clients will also listen to speech in various circumstances.
Speech testing used during the hearing evaluation varies in tone, pitch, speed, and speech patterns in various listening conditions. We want to understand precisely the situations that make it most difficult for our clients to hear and process sound. This information enables us not only to find and implement the best solution for a client’s particular needs, but also will help us to better explain what type and degree of hearing loss the client is experiencing.
The reason it’s important to evaluate your hearing using conversational and environmental sounds is that this is the reason you’re getting your hearing tested in the first place. Simple communication is what you’re missing out on by not taking the step to see a professional audiologist. Nothing is more frustrating and isolating than the inability to freely converse with our friends and family. The longer you allow your world to be quiet, the more you risk cutting yourself off from the people in your life. Contact our office to learn more.
Our ultimate goal is to help our clients get their lives back. Hearing loss affects people earlier and in more ways than is widely understood. The confusion and frustration caused by not being able to hear the radio or television, enjoy one-on-one and group conversation, and socialize with confidence in understanding the conversation makes it more difficult to participate in our world. Having to ask our friends, family, waiters, doctors, and anyone with whom we interact with to continually repeat themselves can be embarrassing and lead to social isolation.
hearing test Southwest Florida
Don’t let hearing loss prevent you from taking part in your own life. Let the professionals at Audiology Consultants of Southwest Florida help you stay part of, or re-enter, the conversation. Having your hearing tested is the first step to remembering how rich life can be. Contact our office today to set up an appointment!
It’s absolutely amazing how much conversation I missed prior to purchasing the Oticon Delta device. I was unaware of what I was missing due to my hearing loss. I can now hear as well as understand what is being said in a group situation.
Tom K.

Pleased to report great success with the hearing aids that you recently fitted me with. They’re the only hearing devices that I have ever felt comfortable wearing and you have adjusted them to my complete satisfaction. Audiology Consultants has lived up to their warranty and I would not hesitate to recommend these instruments to anyone with partial hearing loss.
William D.