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At Audiology Consultants of Southwest Florida, we sell the line of hearing aids that gives our patients the best possible hearing at a reasonable price. Oticon’s Opn line gives a crystal clear digital signal with the best processor on the market. This breakthrough technology eliminates the distortion and poor quality of “tunnel hearing”, granting wearers 360-degrees of hearing.
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The processor can separate speech from noise and amplify only what’s important. The Opn line comes in a variety of styles and will connect easily to your mobile devices for phone calls and to use as a remote control. They even included a phone app that can find your hearing aids if you’ve misplaced them.
The Opn S line offers enhanced functionality and better sound quality, with speech understanding equal to normal hearing in noisy environments. If you have difficulty understanding speech in any situation, and the Opn S products are for you. The Opn S line is rechargeable so you never have to charge batteries.

The Opn Series Comes in a Variety of Styles:

Invisible in the Canal

The smallest type of hearing aid, IIC aids go deep into the ear canal, making them invisible to the outside world. These are best for mild hearing loss.

Completely in the Canal

Also for mild hearing loss, CIC aids are virtually invisible and are protected from wind noise inside the ear canal.

In the Canal

These custom-fitted hearing aids are discreet and can handle more features than smaller models and are easier to manipulate if there are any dexterity limitations.

Receiver in the Ear

The aids are color matched to hair or skin ton and fit discreetly behind the ear with just a thin clear wire transferring sound directly to the ear canal. This style is the most popular and has the best capability in difficult listening environments due to advanced directional microphones.
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