Considerations When Purchasing Hearing Aids

10701Hearing aids come in different sizes. These sizes range from the behind-the-ear hearing aids to completely-in-the-canal hearing aids. For some people a particular size of instrument is necessary to provide them with the best amplification possible and for others it may simply be a cosmetic preference.

In purchasing a new hearing aid, the main cost factor is the choice of circuitry and the level of technology in the instrument. Circuit options include: digital circuits, digitally programmable circuits, and analog circuits. Both digital and programmable hearing instruments offer flexibility in the fitting process of the hearing aids because the instruments are actually programmed in our office. The circuitry in the aid can be adjusted through our computers to meet the needs of each individual and their specific listening environments. This type of technology also allows us to change the settings in the hearing aid based on any changes that may occur in the individual's hearing loss over a period of time.