The Side Effects of Hearing Aids


Do you have hearing loss? Are you skeptical about getting hearing aids? Imagine being able to hear well enough so that you never feel left out again. You could hear all the music you wanted to, the sound of your dog barking, or even that buzzing noise your refrigerator makes. All you need are some hearing aids!

We understand you might have some reservations about installing hearing aids. However, the minimal side effects often associated with hearing aids are definitely outweighed by the benefits. Here at Audiology Consultants of Southwest Florida, we have the professional experience as audiologists to prescribe and fit the proper hearing aids for each individual in order to minimize the chance of any side effects and correct them if they occur!

What are the Possible Side Effects of Hearing Aids?


Every ear has different sizes and shapes so we make comfort is a top priority for all of our patients. We do professional fittings to make sure the specialized equipment feels just right on your ears. Itchiness can occur as well due to skin sensitivity. We also want to know if you have any preexisting skin conditions so that the hearing aids do not make matters worse. If there are any issues, we will offer you solutions to increase your comfort as quickly as possible! Just make sure you do not try to fix it on your own. Sticking a finger or anything else in your ear can worsen any problems and cause damage to eardrum. The best thing you can do is consult with professionals!


Sometimes, having your hearing return to normal can confuse your brain and put it into overdrive. Your brain has to get used to processing more auditory information than it did before. It is also hearing sounds that are not familiar anymore so it has to relearn some of them. This can wear you out and make you feel quite tired until your brain accustoms to the new changes. You can also start using the hearing aids gradually instead of all at once so that you slowly adjust to them. Be sure to ask our professionals about this during your consultation!

Loud noises

Although the goal of hearing aids is to amplify sound, some background noises can overwhelm what you are trying to hear. Here at ACSWFL, we conduct various tests to try and prevent this because we know that every individual needs their customized hearing aids with the appropriate sound adjustments. However, if any sound issues do occur out in the real world, the equipment might need more calibration, which we can take care of as soon as possible! Feedback sounds, such as cracking or whistling, can also be side effects. Once more, these types of issues can be resolved through consultation with our professionals!

If any of these symptoms appear, the best thing you can do is call us as soon as possible! We can correct them for you. Regardless, do not let these possible side effects scare you. Being able to hear increases your cognitive thought, this benefit alone outweighs all of the side effects that might accompany hearing aids.