A Fort Myers Audiologist Who Knows that Better Hearing = Better Living

“We sell better hearing, not just hearing aids.”

– Jack Adams

For over 30 years, Jack Adams has improved the quality of patient’s lives by helping them hear. Over 28 million Americans suffer from hearing loss.

People who have noticed difficulty understanding speech tend to face numerous hurdles in their daily life. They feel embarrassed about being unable to understand friends and family. They feel anxious about social gatherings where they might find themselves uncomfortably unable to hear. They feel frustrated by being unable to enjoy the television. They need an audiologist who cares.

“My Hearing Has Improved Beyond My Expectations!”

Had an excellent experience being tested and fitted for hearing aids. My hearing has improved beyond my expectations. Any little problem I had with adjustments was taken care of promptly. I would recommend Audiology Consultants of Southwest Florida to anyone who needs their services.

– Bobbi M.


Audiology Consultants of Southwest Florida’s Jack Adams shares his insights on the latest advances in hearing technology, as well as cutting edge research into the science of hearing and how it affects the brain.


Artificial Intelligence Improving Hearing Aids

Featured on Wink News
(March 2023)

“If I’m sitting across the table from you in a noisy environment, it’s going to know that I’m trying to listen to the person across the table from me. And, so, it’s going to enhance the desired level for speech over and above the background.”


New Advances in Fighting Auditory Deprivation

Featured on ABC7
(July 2023)

“When the brain isn’t getting enough sound to do what it’s supposed to do, it starts to atrophy. Studies have shown that those who showed some cognitive decline or atrophy, you could see the activity in the brain refocus after six months of hearing aid use.”


Hearing Aids Lower
Dementia Risk

Featured on Wink News
(July 2023)

“At the University of Colorado and Johns Hopkins, they’re finding that cognitively, people that keep their auditory system stimulated with amplification have better memory, have better ability to process information, and have less risk of dementia.”

We help patients with these problems:

  • Understanding your grandchildren
  • Hearing in noisy restaurants
  • Hearing in business meetings
  • Hearing in social situations
  • Understanding the TV
  • Feeling frustrated or anxious over hearing
hearing center of Southwest Florida

We’ll solve your hearing problems with:

  • Hearing testing
  • Digital hearing aid solutions
  • Tympanometry and acoustic reflex testing
  • Tinnitus evaluation and counseling (ringing in the ears)
  • Aural rehabilitation
  • Adaptation to amplification counseling
  • Hearing aid evaluation and fitting
  • Hearing conservation programs for industrial OSHA compliance
  • Hearing aid maintenance and repairs for all makes and models
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REAL Reviews from Our Audiology Patients:

A. Kelly
Ft. Myers

Quite a miracle!

“Not straining – not asking over. Hearing everything! Just wanted to tell you how much you are appreciated!”

Jerry C.
Bethesda, MD

I really wished I had gotten them earlier!

“Almost no one has noticed them. I really wished I had gotten them earlier. I feel more confident with them on, especially in business meetings.”

An Audiologist Who Cares

Audiology Consultants of Southwest Florida gives patients in Fort Myers new chances to connect with loved ones. Jack Adams has over 40 years of experience in helping people improve their quality of life through better hearing. Jack is the only audiologist you will see as an Audiology Consultants of Southwest Florida patient.

The longer someone lives in a quiet world, the harder it is to bring them out of their quiet world. Isolation causes many problems! Research shows that hearing loss accelerates mental decline by 30-40%, and hearing aids can slow cognitive decline, improve memory, and remove risks of damage. So don’t wait. Schedule an appointment today.


In addition to our offices, we provide services to Shell Point Village and other retirement centers.

We are providers for most insurance plans such as Medicare, Cigna, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, GM, Ford, Chrysler, HearPO, AudioNet, Amplifon, HearUSA, and TruHearing. Medicare will cover the cost of your initial evaluation if your physician refers you for a medical diagnosis.

Medicare will cover the cost of your initial evaluation if your physician refers you for a medical diagnosis.

More Reviews from Our Patients:

John M.

Would gladly do it all again…

Very complete, personal, and friendly attention. Would gladly do it all again, but I don’t have to :-).

Bonnie P.

I really wished I had gotten them earlier!

“Almost no one has noticed them. I really wished I had gotten them earlier. I feel more confident with them on, especially in business meetings.”

The Path to Better Hearing

– 1 –


Schedule an appointment today. Our friendly office staff is standing by to find a time that works for you.

– 2 –


Come in and go through our comprehensive diagnostic evaluation, which is a simple procedure using a soundproof booth and state of the art technology. We evaluate your level of hearing and how it compares to normal hearing.

– 3 –


Get a thorough, customized plan to improve your hearing. Our audiological staff has the expertise to tailor a plan to fit your needs.

mid age woman smiling

3 Steps for Quality Service from an Audiologist

To ensure we give our patients the highest-quality experience in the area,  we give our patients three things, every time.

– 1 –

Full Service, forever!

Lifetime free service options after your purchase. We will program, clean, repair, and adjust your hearing device as long as the device has issues that can be serviced in the office.

– 2 –

Complete Warranty!

Two- or three-year warranties for your hearing devices that include repairs, damage, and even loss.

– 3 –

This is All About You!

A focus on the patient. Our staff will always keep your best interests as their primary concern. We love what we do — helping you improve your ability to communicate is what we do better than anyone else.

older man walking with a grand daughter

Thank you so much for your kindness, patience and clinical expertise. Dad was very calm and secure in your presence. As you know, the frustration that is felt by the patient, utmost, as well as their family is difficult at best.

The desperation that he experienced by the extreme hearing loss and inadequate product was exasperating for him. The fact that there was something available to him to even make his day to day existence more enjoyable has been profound.

C. Auskamp

Ft. Myers

A Transformational Experience

Our patients who have hearing loss often see a huge increase in quality of life after their appointments. We hear things like “Why didn’t I do this sooner?” and “I can’t believe how much this helped.”

An audiologist catching hearing difficulties can make a huge difference in a patient’s life. They leave with more confidence in social situations and less difficulty understanding others. Their family members can see the change almost instantly.

Most importantly, an audiology appointment takes a step toward turning back mental decline spurred by difficulty hearing. Patients’ brains have less work to process speech. They spend less time filling in gaps and experience fewer periods of confusion.

As a result, they spend more time socializing with loved ones and less time withdrawing and isolating themselves.

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Evaluating Your Hearing

A hearing evaluation begins with a visual examination of the ears. We make sure they’re clear and there aren’t any signs of infections or other things that could interfere with the test. Jack also collects a medical history to get a deeper understanding of the problem, if there is one.

Then you sit in a soundproof booth with headphones. The test has two portions. In one portion, we present speech in a variety of settings to see under what circumstances hearing problems occur.

In the other portion, you listen to pure tones or “beeps” to determine the exact frequencies at which hearing loss might be occurring. After the evaluation, we discuss the extent, if any, of the hearing loss and build a plan to bring you back into social life.

The earlier we detect a hearing loss and the sooner you get a hearing evaluation, the easier it is to get back to living a full life. Don’t delay if you think you or a loved one might be suffering!

hearing consultants Southwest Florida
hearing device evaluation Southwest Florida

Hearing Device Evaluations

During hearing device evaluations, we prepare you for a successful transition into using your hearing device.

We make sure that there is a comfortable fit and that functional auditory benefit is maximized once it’s actually in your ears, fitting the device through detailed computer programming. Then we use speech samples to evaluate how much the device is helping, compared with the hearing without amplification. We adjust the fit and programming based on the device fit and feedback from you as to what sounds comfortable and natural, aiming to get the maximum hearing improvement.

We love what we do because we usually see an epiphany when the device is fitted and the patient realizes what they’ve been missing out on. It’s one thing to read numbers that say you’ve lost 30% of your hearing. It’s hugely different to hear the difference, and experience the joy of the world of sound around you.

And remember, we live by the motto “the best hearing aid is one that you can and will wear,” so after each fitting, we spend the necessary time to teach the patient everything needed to inspect, remove and care for their new device, including proper daily use and upkeep.

Hearing Device Maintenance and Repair

We work with most all make or model of hearing device, whether you bought it from us or not.

Over time, hearing devices can corrode, speakers may need to be changed, filters changed or microphones unplugged. When someone comes in complaining of reduced effectiveness, we will check and clean their instruments to troubleshoot a mechanical problem.

We run the patient through the standard hearing evaluations to make sure the issue is with the device. If the device is OK, but the patient’s needs have changed, the hearing device may just need to be fine-tuned and reprogrammed to keep with their changing circumstances.

If there’s damage, we’ll do our best to get it in working condition. If it can’t be fixed in the office, it may need to be sent to the manufacturer. In those cases, we have loaner devices, so the patient doesn’t have to go without for too long.

hearing aids Southwest Florida
fitting hearing aids

Tinnitus Evaluations

Tinnitus is ringing, buzzing or roaring in the ears. Research is mixed on the cause, but we know that it causes considerable stress for sufferers.

Relief from tinnitus can be a life-changing event for some patients. It can even be more important than curing hearing loss. The effects of tinnitus can be psychologically torturous depending on the severity.

When a patient complains of tinnitus, we run a battery of evaluations to determine the severity and type. In addition to the usual hearing evaluations, we can test to find the frequency and intensity of the tinnitus. There are no cures for tinnitus. Research has shown that hearing aids are the best treatment option for masking tinnitus.

If you or someone you love suffers from tinnitus, don’t wait. Schedule an appointment today!

Why Us?

Paul H.

Jack Adams is the best…

“He is a good listener and speaks with experience, sensitivity and confidence. Highly recommend.”

Steve M.

EXTREMELY pleased!

“Thorough test, good advice on hearing aids, excellent results with the new aids, good followup after initial fit.”