• 28 Million people in the US are hard of hearing

    Almost no one has noticed them. I really wished I had gotten them earlier. I feel more confident with them on, especially in business meetings. -- J. Cave, Bethesda, MD
  • Providing audiological services since 1984

    I really don't even know that it's in my ear. It's made a great difference in my ability to communicate with people, and I feel confident in how I respond!-- L. Simon, Ft. Myers, FL
  • We offer high-tech hearing solutions

    Quite a miracle. Not straining - not asking over. Hearing everything! Just wanted to tell you how much you are appreciated!-- A. Kelly, Ft. Myers, FL
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  • Services

    Audiology Consultants offers the following services to our patients: Audiological Evaluation (hearing testing) and High Tech Digital Hearing Aid Solutions.
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  • About Us

    Audiology Consultants of Southwest Florida has been providing its clients with state-of-the-art hearing aids and equipment since opening its doors
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  • Products

    We dispense state-of-the-art amplification including digital technology as well as digitally programmable and analog circuitry. All the hearing aids we
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